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A Powerful Scanning Software Package Built in to the Scanner

ScanWizard is a simple and intuitive user interface for your Scan2Net® scanner, which can be accessed using any standard web browser, an external HD touchscreen or the touchscreen on the scanner itself. ScanWizard is operating system independent and requires no installation of any kind on the user´s client PC since it is built right in to the scanner. Once your network administrator has assigned the scanner an IP address and installed it in your network, any user can access the scanner and operate it using ScanWizard.

ScanWizard used together with the PrintWizard functionality makes your scanner and any connected printers into an image management center, better than just a printer-centered MFP. Using ScanWizard with PrintWizard allows you to define your workflow with your own scanner, printer and folding parameters. You can control where your work goes -- to which folders and how your work is output -- on which peripheral devices.

Although the visual appearance of ScanWizard and PrintWizard varies slightly depending on the interface used, the functionality is the same on all three interfaces -- any standard web browser, an external HD touchscreen or the touchscreen on the scanner itself.

Functions and Features of ScanWizard include:

  • Automatic document width and position detection
  • Crop and deskew operations, even on long documents
  • Virtual rescan to change scan parameters on the fly without having to rescan
  • Compilation of bound documents or collections of scanned images using job mode
  • Additional output file formats using templates:
    • AutoCAD DWF
    • Jpeg 2000
    • PSB (Photoshop Big)
    • PCX
    • Postscript / Encapsulated Postscript
    • JBIG
    • DjVu
    • DICOM
    • Raw Data
  • OCR for single and multipage scanned documents
  • Advanced image enhancement features such as finger, book fan, punchhole and black border removal
  • Single scan and job mode masking to define regions which will be saved as a separate image
  • On the fly image splitting, rotation, morroring and inverting

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