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Bookeye® 5 Semiautom.

Bookeye® 5 V2S Semiautomatic Overhead Book Scanner

High level 600 dpi production system.
Unique self-adjusting and V-shaped book cradle with motor driven glass plate.

Bookeye® 5 V2S Semiautomatic book scanner is suitable for digitization projects that require high quality and maximum productivity even in 24/7 operation. Highlight is the self-adjusting book cradle with motor driven V-shaped glass plate and optional flat glass plate.

Originals up to A2+ in size such as books, magazines, posters, folders or bound documents of any type, can be digitized at high speed and a resolution up to 600 dpi using the Bookeye® 5 V2S Semiautomatic.

The unique self-adjusting book cradle solution allows scanning either at a 120 degree angle or in flat mode.

Motor-driven V-shaped glass plate for high productivity

The motor-driven V-shaped glass plate enables distortion free scans while it also protects the book binding. The balanced design allows effortless scanning without any physical effort.
For exact positioning on the book fold, the V-shaped glass plate is moved horizontally. Depending on requirements, the Bookeye® 5 V2S Semiautomatic can be used with a flat glass plate or without a glass plate at all.

Software solutions for current and future digitization projects

A high-performance production scanner is dependent on a strong capturing software.

Image Access has powerful software packages in its portfolio for Bookeye® 5 VS Semiautomatic which enable optimal capture for large projects.

This scanner exceeds all criteria set forth in the FADGI *** guidelines, Metamorfoze Light and ISO 19264-1 level B.